Centros de búsqueda

“Centros de búsqueda” pretende ser un espacio web donde se engloben aquellos enlaces útiles para una búsqueda especializada. Son foros, bases de datos o proyectos propios que centran la materia arqueológica en una región específica, sobre un período concreto o una rama/disciplina de la Arqueología, tal y como es el caso de la arqueología subacuática, la epigrafía y numismática o la antropología física.


Internationales Österreichisches Archäologie Forum

Foro dedicado a la temática arqueológica centrada en la región de Austria. Es un recurso que incluye la oferta universitaria tanto en estudios propiamente arqueológicos como de temáticas complementarias. Del mismo modo, ofrece las ofertas de trabajo disponibles tanto para profesorado como para estudiantes de doctorado, becas y un amplio abanico de recursos.

hfggLandward Research Ltd is an environmental and human resources consultancy

Landward Research Ltd is an environmental and human resources consultancy which works with employers, individuals and heritage agencies to design and manage projects that deliver social, environmental and economic benefits. We particularly seek to address areas where the market fails to provide opportunities for conservation or training in the cultural heritage, historic environment and creative industries sectors, supporting professionals, students and the wider public.

Palaeopathology Database

2The analytical study of a large amount of osteological material makes it possible to offer an innovative and systematic contribution to existing palaeopathology literature. We are presenting a dynamic database; a tool available to everyone, practical and with easy access to research material.

Hispania Epigraphica

Online database of Roman Inscriptions from the Iberian Peninsula.

Les Monnaies de l’Antiquité. Revue numismatique
logo1Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter ce site consacré aux monnaies de l’antiquité. La partie relative à la numismatique de l’empire romain est la plus importante. Vous y retrouverez de nombreux articles numismatiques, par exemple sur les divinités, et un catalogue de monnaies de l’empire romain qui sera actualisé régulièrement. Actuellement, il compte principalement des monnaies choisies parmi les plus intéressantes historiquement et iconographiquement, mais au fil du temps vous y découvrirez de plus en plus de monnaies.

Bioarchaeology of the Near East

Bioarchaeology of the Near East  is published annually in one volume. The aim of the journal is to promote research on the history of human populations inhabiting South-Western Asia (chiefly Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Anatolia, Iran, and Egypt) and on interactions between humans and their environments in this region.


ArchaeoPhysica provides a complete range of professional prospection services for archaeology, including geophysical & topographic survey, remote sensing data analysis, detailed walkover including upland and mountain survey, backed up by comprehensive analysis and visualisation within GIS.

International Archaeology & Ecology Consultants

International Archaeology & Ecology Consultants is an international terrestrial and hydrospace archaeology and natural resource consulting firm located in Houston and Galveston, Texas, and Lafayette and Shreveport, Louisiana.

Biblical Archaeology Society

Find out what archaeology can reveal to anyone eager to understand the world of the Bible. Access dozens of free eBooks and daily articles on key Biblical archaeology topics, as well as the latest news and reviews.

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) 

logoIt offers Assyriological tools for specialists in cuneiform studies, general content for informal learners, and information about the work flow of the project.

North American Database of Archaeological Geophysics


The North American Database of Archaeological Geophysics (NADAG) is a database and website that aims to promote use, education, communication, and a knowledge base of the practice of archaeological geophysics in North America.

Stone Pages

Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of megalithic Europe. The Stone Pages: the very first guide about European megalithic sites and other ancient monuments ever appeared on the Web.

Nordic Underwater Archaeology

Learn about maritime archaeology worldwide, from a north European perspective.

The eSkeletons project

logo (1)eSkeletons provides an interactive environment in which to examine and learn about skeletal anatomy. The purpose of this site is to enable you to view the bones of both human and non-human primates and to gather information about them from our osteology database.





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